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Trzeba przyznać, że obecny sytuacja rynku "freelancera" jest dość frustrująca. Istnieją co prawda
naprawdę ogromne i popularne platformy, jak Upwork czy Freelancer, aczkolwiek są one
przepełnione problemami jak: nadmierne opłaty, niesprawiedliwy system...

Other crypto-related services

Cryptocurrency could be the future for financial transactions, be it for pay, trading, or spending. Many have already realized its importance, and a few pieces of evidence are the growing number of available cryptocurrencies that we can use worldwide. There are so many things to discover and explore with cryptocurrencies before we dive into it. We all need support so we can survive in this so-called crypto world.

There are a lot of options being offered nowadays for all those interested, different types of services which all are essential for success. It is understandable that we get overwhelmed with all that we can find online, that is why we have decided to come up with this article. What are those services, or assistance that we need? Here, we can help you discover those.

Your Guide To Cryptocurrency

On deciding which cryptocurrency you want to focus with, there are websites that list cryptocurrencies and review them as well. This is a good read, we can use them as a reference or guide and it will let us know if a cryptocurrency is worth the time and effort. We are then able to compare each and one of them and come up with the safest option. We need to be wise though in choosing the right review platform. They must be complete with the advantages and disadvantages of keeping a particular cryptocurrency. After all, a good recommendation is what we all need.

There are several cryptocurrency review websites that we can find on the internet. It is significant to know the worth of a cryptocurrency you want to dive in. These reviews would tell you the history of the cryptocurrency, how to utilize them, how to make them grow, and how you can keep them. Reviews are available in different languages, which is truly helpful. They will let you know about the advantages and disadvantages of keeping a specific cryptocurrency. 

Aside from reviews, there are also platforms featuring the latest news about cryptocurrency.  This one is broad since it could have anything and everything about cryptocurrency. This is similar to a one-stop shop of information that will benefit us, does not matter if we are an expert or a beginner. There is always something new with cryptocurrency, so we better be updated when that happens. Some do offer subscriptions so they can notify you once an update is ready.

There are platforms where we can quickly check the value and status of cryptocurrencies without switching from one platform to another. This is really helpful since most information that we need is available here. It will help us understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies. They have graphs or tables to show movements of a specific cryptocurrency, which are really helpful. These may not be easy to understand for some, however, with some research, it will become easier.

Cryptocurrency and Trading

Cryptocurrencies are not just for purchases. Some are into cryptocurrency for trading purposes. That is why there are platforms that cater to these kinds of traders. Stocks can be very complicated, somewhat intimidating for most of us and platforms that offer us assistance for a better understanding of the stock exchange is heaven sent. It was made even better since some are available on mobile phones as well so we can monitor our stocks even outside the comfort of our homes.

Portfolio tracking and management are important especially if we are into crypto trading. There are apps available to do this tracking effectively and fast at the same time. They are mostly available for download on MacOS, Windows and Linux, and iOS/Android mobile. It also notifies us if a specific price level has been reached, They feature thousands of token arrays that are currently available. So, if we are leaning towards crypto trading, these apps are going to be helpful.

Cryptocurrency Progress

Have you heard of ICO or Initial Coin Offering? This is one of the biggest trends in cryptocurrency nowadays. It involves selling of a newly-introduced cryptocurrency, and if that particular cryptocurrency succeeds, the buyer will be enjoying, of course, the profit.

If you are a type of person who is into buy and sell of virtual kinds of stuff, like e-book or software, there are also platforms dedicated for you. It would be like a regular buy and sell, only that you are to receive cryptocurrencies for every transaction.

There are also bitcoin mining platforms. This is one of the best things that happened in the crypto world. Normally, mining requires hardware and facilities, but things have been made easy. There are a number of mining platforms that we can utilize by simply creating an account with them. After doing so, we can just sit back and relax while mining. Really convenient!

If you wish to have more bitcoins, the top cryptocurrency for all time, there are also dedicated websites where you can learn how to earn them. They will teach you techniques or give you links that could help you. 

There are also coin-accepting kiosks allowing you to exchange them into cash or e-gifts, and even make a donation to some charitable institutions. Now, they have been improved and are also accepting coins to buy bitcoins. That makes things simpler since you won’t do anything else but just put them into the kiosk, and get a Bitcoin redemption code. Usually, you need to have the money either on your cards or deposit them into your e-wallets, but these machines are developed for our convenience. Imagine how innovative people can be with our technology, things are made possibly easy.

If you have not heard, there are bank services as well for cryptocurrencies. As much as we value our local money, we should also take care of our cryptocurrencies. We want it secured, and at all possible, grow. This is something possible with a  cryptocurrency bank. There are few choices nowadays, depending of course on your country. Banks are viewing this as a chance to adapt since cryptocurrency is undeniably growing.


The progress that cryptocurrency brought in the financial market over the years is huge and today, cryptocurrency is continuously hitting the financial market with a lot of features that will surely change the daily lives of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, traders, business owners, and even ordinary individuals. As we can see, we can do so many things with cryptocurrencies, but with these come a lot of things to learn, as the cryptocurrency market is huge and your progress will surely depend on your understanding of it.

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