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Reviews of prepaid cards

A prepaid card is very appealing to many because when you own one, you’ll be flexible and independent. Prepaid Cards, generally, is much more expensive to use  than ATM cards and checking accounts. You can even use it to pay for goods in most stores and other even on Ecommerce websites. If you wish to get a prepaid card, you'll have a hard time choosing one because there's a lot of selections to choose from.  Each provider has an enticing advertisement to tempt you with their prepaid cardsrates. The sole purpose of this advertisement is to hook you up into availing their prepaid cards the quickest way possible before you get to realize that they have hidden tariff costs. That is why it is very important for you to compare and contrast it  among other providers. 


You may not pay for interests but unfortunately, most prepaid card fees are not fully disclosed. They will charge you for everything – from having the card setup to reloading it. The kind of fees and amount vary on the card and how you use it. There are common fees that you may experience like purchase/transaction fee, monthly fee, ATM fee, balance inquiry fee, reload fee, inactivity fee and so much more. Even if it’s easy to get a prepaid card you will be bombarded with a lot of fees but if you get the best prepaid card provider with the help of a little research on their terms and conditions, these fees would surely be not a bother.


* You have a bad credit or no credit records

* You want to keep a hold on your spending

* You want to give money as a gift

* You want to help your child learn to responsibly manage their finances

* You want to save for special events or occasions


Before getting your hands into any card, here are the facts that you should know about:

Technological advancement has brought a lot of changes in the financial market, and has made a wide range of alternative payment methods available to consumers .One of which is the “Prepaid Card.” It can basically be use to purchase anything everywhere and anywhere.. Plus, it’s hassle-free from the bank processes. Originally designed for individuals without credit cards history, these cards are also great options for people with problems of overusing their credit cards. It helps control spending as they cannot spend beyond the amount preloaded on it. Prepaid cards are more likely a debit card than credit cards because when you use them, you're not spending the bank's money but yours. You can even opt for features that fit your needs such as online bills payment, reloading, online shopping, and the likes. Reloading the card is undemanding and have multiple options like PayPal, retail stores and employer can even deposit your paycheck directly.

It is important to remember that most prepaid cards can store a maximum of $10,000 only. So, if you plan to spend on something that is insanely lavish, you must think twice. $10,000 is a huge amount of money but  few swipes can have you end up having not even a single dime by the end of the day. Unlike credit cards, Prepaid Cards won’t help you build your credit history. Though you can choose the best provider, you will still pay a hefty amount of fees for everything that you do with the prepaid card. Even customer service comes with a price and worst case scenario – if the provider shuts down, there is no guarantee of getting your money back as most of the prepaid cards are not governed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. protection policy.


The best provider will surely be the one that can give you the most favorable conditions and offer you what you need. Some even have benefits for your lifestyle while others have cash backs, rewards, incentives and discount vouchers. Most importantly, prepaid cards are generally secure due to their prepayment method.

In case that your card gets lost, stolen or you think that someone, without your knowledge knows your PIN, contact your provider and report it immediately so they can take action as soon as possible. Prepaid Card providers can assist you with the process on how you can you possibly get your money back and what steps to undertake., The sooner you let your provider know, the better it will be. Reporting it  to your provider right away can help you stop additional losses from your account – especially if it is stolen. 

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